Night 3 (July 10th 2024)

2024年7月10日水曜日 5:20 by [ - Junko - ]
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for now the plans have been going okay, as of night 3 these are my current schedules:

as you can probably notice, i’m still not doing all my sleep hours on the afternoon/evening, but for now i’m fine with this for now. i’ve been having problems to sleep at that time because of the summer heat and noisy neighbors. yesterday i could barely sleep at all, and so i decided to get melatonin which i tried today, slept soundly for about 4 to 5 hours until 8pm.

my night is mostly spend vibing and exercising for now, i’m still not as comfortable going out as i don’t trust some of the shady people living here (justified reasons) and my pepper spray and pocket knife haven’t been delivered yet. i’m hoping i’ll have the pepper spray tomorrow. along that, i also got myself a canon 500D for the night adventures once i actually get more comfortable going out. learning photography will be comfy. ideally i’d like to take a proper picture of an owl, which is not particularly easy, but there are quite a few barn owls and little owls in the area. i feel it’ll be a nice milestone to work towards.

another drawback of this schedule realignment, besides using melatonin and cofe as life support, is that i have stopped having a lot of time in common with my partners, one of them did stay on their current schedules, but the other decided to go nocturnal too, although at a diferent time frame:

time table

which gives me barely any overlap to do actual stuff together serparately, let alone the three of us together.

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