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2024年1月22日月曜日 17:00 by [ - Junko - ]
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<Junko> is it just me or are we only doing update posts.

first of all, happy new late year!

once again, from hiatus to hiatus. it’s been a few months since my last post, and honestly? i’m completely fine with that.

i need to take it easy. life has a way to get in the way of things, specially now that i somehow got employed as a code maid.
2023 was a complicated year. from all my romantic turmoil and it being my last year of studies, our future was uncertain.

now, studies are finished and employed. i’ve got a life project ahead with both of my partners. life is good, nature is healing.


many things have changed since the site took a nuke. anuma is completely “gone”. in quotations, because their presence is still there and can be felt by all of us, but they aren’t mentally active in any way, and so have been labeled as dormant.

honestly, that kind of raises a lot of concerns about plurality, about the mortality of the entities that compose a system. their presence were the weakest from the 3 of us at the time, barely spoke, barely moved, they were just there.

on the other hand, new entities slowly formed, , lavy and most recently, Fern. haven’t made the pronoun page yet type of recent


when i felt ready for it, i started working on preparing the site by layers.
first with some basic stuff like a startpage or spring cleaning the VPS. then setting up akkoma back again, xmpp as something new and finally, this webpage.

you may notice the posts are missing, but they are still here. they have just been archived and can be accessed from the link in the blog post list.

<Lavender> Still powered by hugo, most of the changes are refactoring for ease of future changes.

during 2023 lavy and me finally put and end to the streak of not managing to release any programming project. we finally got knee deep into learning rust, created an accesibility tool for handling front switches, PluralSync, which also handles the automated rings in our avatars for both fedi and discord marking the front, making it easy for external entities to see who’s at the front.

<Junko> the only shortcoming is needing python for the discord part, but that's just me not wanting to wrap my head around the discord API and being lazy, i'll get to it shortly.

past that, all that’s left is some personal projects, mostly toy programs, in order to properly help us be more mentally functional, internally named “Junko drivers”.

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